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Whenever you see this logo on  a page, it indicates that those products are both manufactured in Canada and serviced and supported by both the manufacturer and/or an authorised technician with Resolution Technologies.

This strategy offers a major cost advantage over foreign-made products but also facilitates the prompt and cost-effective shipping of goods in a timely fashion.


Rick- Service, MB

Keith- Service, AB

Dave - Service, BC

Dave - Service, SK

Justin - Shipping/Receiving, BC

Paul - Sales, BC

Chris - Service, ON

Scott- Service, ON

Donna - Accounting

Shawn - Service, BC      

Rob- Service, AB

Robert - Shipping/Receiving, ON

Shawn - Sales / Vendres

"Je suis presque bilingue".

Ginette - Secretary / Secretaire

"Je suis bilingue"!

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Our People


 Our History

  1. Our company began in 1990 as a distributor for specialized computer interfaces and by 1996 was incorporated and fully immersed  in the packaging industry and began offering printing equipment across Canada. Warehouses were established in Ontario and BC and service technicians were trained. As we grew, so did the product line and our account base. Today our customers span Canada, from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. We are grateful to all of our loyal customers. If you are not yet among them, we invite you to join us. We introduce ourselves to you below.

Made in Canada!