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Whenever you see this logo on  a page, it indicates that those products are both manufactured in Canada and serviced and supported by both the manufacturer and/or an authorised technician with Resolution Technologies.

This strategy offers a major cost advantage over foreign-made products but also facilitates the prompt and cost-effective shipping of goods in a timely fashion.


Our success stories have been published in Canadian Packaging (Canada) and Packaging Digest (U.S.). Most of our customers are Fortune 500 manufacturers and are our best spokesmen. Most of our business is in food processing, as well as chemicals and others. Warehouses in Ontario and British Columbia complement our established U.S. supplier relationships to serve and support our install base from Nova Scotia to British Columbia.



 Welcome / Who we Are

We are a Canadian full-service industrial distributor serving all of Canada. We offer various packaging solutions from high speed applications to entry level equipment. We have established multiple offices and warehouses over the past 18 years, to serve our customers. We specialize in Marking & Coding products as well as Form-Fill-Seal Machinery.

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